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29 March 2017 - Marco Maréchal – Connected Strategic Change Processes - Involving the (professional) user

Marco MarechalIf youngsters in the Netherlands could get into a self-driving car with a foreign celebrity, they would choose Ariana Grande. 18% choses the female US star as co-passenger in a self-driving car, 13% choses Enzo Knol as Dutch co-passenger. 

This was one of the many results of the research on mobility (self-driving and Connected cars), as well as on the need of youngsters to share their possessions conducted by Connected Strategic Change Processes. This is the first nationwide research on this scale, when it comes to youth and mobility in the future (2030) and the sharing economy. The survey polled 1.000 youngsters in the age of 12- 24. Connected Strategic Change Processes conducted this research to find out more about the needs and wishes of youngsters when it comes to mobility now and in the future (2030) and what they think of the sharing economy.
Within the industry, the discussion is mainly about technology and technical systems whereas Connected Strategic Change Processes held the nationwide survey amongst youngsters to poll their knowledge, attitude and behaviour. So now we know how they really feel about it. The technical developments have been going so fast that it is important for the outside world to get involved (people).

Moreover, the survey on Connected Cars and self-driving cars shows that youngsters do not like to share things. Cars are not one of the things youngsters would like to share with strangers. 67% does not mind sharing their car, but only and explicitly with friends, family or acquaintances.
In this interactive work session you will get all the results and more. How do you translate these results into new business models for the (professional) user? How do you create mass with these youngsters and target groups? Working together on this topic will help bring you and your business to the next level.


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