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29 March 2017 - Jorrit Kuipers - robotTUNER - A driving license for autonomous vehicles - Don't forget the User

Jorrit KuipersThe Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) challenged robotTUNER to develop a driving license for autonomous vehicles. The RDW gives type approval and know how to assess vehicles, now they have to assess intelligent software that steers the vehicles.

RDW believes that robotTUNER's assessment methodology and their data of human drivers will help to accelerate the type approval of  autonomous vehicles. Therefore RDW supports robotTUNER in the ISO standardization of their methodology.
In this session Jorrit Kuipers, CEO of robotTUNER, will present the project 'digital driving license'. This ISO certification project is open for (international) participation. robotTUNER (2016) is a Green Dino (1992) spin-off. Green Dino is market leader in autonomous training and assessment of human drivers. robotTUNER focuses on autonomous vehicles. Green Dino’s methodology is based on 3D simulation, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Mental profiles of more than 100.000 human drivers are constructed since 2001. 3 PhD researchers, including CEO Kuipers, proved that virtual kilometers replace on road kilometers 1:1, passing rate on driving exam increased with 34% and accident involvement decreased with 59%. Green Dino’s 3D e-learning for bus drivers is awarded with the Generali Insurance Innovation Award 2015 and the safety training for high school children with the FIA Road Safety Innovation Award 2016.



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