Automated Driving as Responsible Innovation

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29 March 2017 - Bart van Arem, TU Delft, Marije de Vreeze, Connekt - Involving the (professional) user

BartvanArem MarijeDeVreeze  

The Dutch Automated Vehicle Initiative develops highly automated vehicles for research and demonstrations on public roads. The research tries to proof the safety and focus on human factors in automated driving.

DAVI implements automation technology in real cars that can be driven on existing roads in normal traffic. It might sound contradictory, but in automated driving the driver is one of  the most important topics of research. Acceptance and trusts are therefor the main interests of the DAVI team. During this session the DAVI team will give more insight on how to address ‘Automated Driving as Responsible Innovation’ with the development of self-driving vehicles.



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