Demonstration and lecture on in-car time to green at traffic light controlled intersections

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29 March 2017 - Robin van Haasteren - Vialis - Involving the (professional) user

Robin vanHaasterenFrom 26 - 29 March 2017 Vialis (in collaboration with Connected) will demonstrate their "GoTru-app" on the Automotive Campus. Visitors can see and experience in real-time what this means for their behaviour and attitude towards    more comfortable driving at traffic light controlled intersections. The GoTru app was developed by Vialis and InfoPlaza.

Through the app, traffic controllers provide motorists with information about how many seconds it takes before the traffic light turns green on their route. This provides a better traffic flow. This demonstration is consistent with the plans of the Ministry of infrastructure and the Environment to realize Smart traffic solutions whereby the infrastructure is optimally used. Approaching a traffic light (and road users who stand still) receive real-time information from the traffic controller. In the near future the traffic controller and the car will be fully connected. More data from the traffic controller to the car and vice versa will be sent. This gives us the opportunity to predict the estimated traffic flow much in a much better way. The traffic lights will be better coordinated, road users will be better informed and the infrastructure is better used with fewer emissions.
Feel free to join this new experience for this way entering a traffic light is going to be so much more fun. Beside the experience, Vialis will explain how they got to the idea of this new service and what it means in a real traffic environment. What can this service mean for people and how Vialis is turning these kind of service(s) into a business model in the nearby future?


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