From sensor to service, using data to change professional driving behaviour

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29 March 2017 - Laurens Lapré – CGI - Involving the (professional) user

Laurens LapreMany companies are investing in coaching services for professional drivers with the goal of teaching them how to reduce fuel usage, as well as other eco-driving skills. CGI has been involved in the development of Smart Mobility services with a strong emphasis on the changing of driving behaviour of professional drivers.

For this we not only need to use big data analytics to link driving behaviour to fuel economics, we also need to have a good insight in the motivational factors to influence the drivers and make them change their behaviour for the long term.
For this CGI has developed a “Sensor to Service” approach where we take data from sensor networks and in-car systems, build an appealing service around them, and change customer behaviour. During our presentation we will discuss this approach and how we have been using it for several services, including stimulating people to switch from car to bike for inner city trips



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