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29 March 2017 - Jasper van Loon (NSO) and Leon Hendriks - AeroVision in corporation with the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) - Involving the (professional) user

JaspervanLoonJasper van Loon Leon HendriksLeon Hendriks  

We all experience the usefulness of satellite data by using our car navigation and smartphone positioning. Global positioning systems are part of our daily location based services. But there is more out there! Almost 250 satellites are monitoring the earth in a daily frequency.

They survey and monitor our built environment, the roads, the rivers and seas, the mountains, the agricultural areas and the movement of the animals and people on our planet. But also air quality, weather conditions and deformations. It offers all kind of data to inform us about the actual status of our environment concerning agro-food, water, energy, health, mobility and logistics, living environment, defense and safety. The use of satellite data in combination with terrestrial data offers a lot of new opportunity in the development of Smart Cities and consequently for Smart Mobility. This session is about the actual status of the availability of satellite data and its practical use from a user perspective.


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