Smart Mobility in Agriculture

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29 March 2017 - Tamme van der Wal - AeroVision - Involving the (professional) user

Tamme vd WalFarms today are using all kinds of technologies that are similar to smart mobility tools: satellite navigation, sensing, board computers, swarming and all kind of (cloud based) algorithms to support the decision making by autonomous vehicles or, in a less futuristic concept, by farmers.

And agriculture has one main advantage: vehicle movements take place on private land, bounded by ditches and tree lines, where interference with other vehicles is organized by the farmer himself. The Ag-Engineering industries are making great progress. However, at the farm the enthusiasm is more tempered. The farmers’ business case is not clear and farmers can make too many choices to create a benefit.
Hence, adoption of all this great technology in agriculture is lagging. AeroVision is active in understanding, discovering and proposing solutions to overcome adoption barriers. Talking to farmers the issues come to surface: besides the business case, farmers believe that a lack of interoperability, poor (mobile) network connections in the rural area, and contradicting visions of ‘experts’ keeps them from investing. This presentation will pitch how this new technology can help the world of smart mobility and how do you conduct the active participation of its users? Lessons learned.


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