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29 March 2017 - Joost Bijlsma - Toogethr - Using smart mobility Toogethr - Don't forget the User

Joost BijlsmaDriving to work together now becomes a lot more fun and easy. By using Toogethr you reduce traffic jams parking problems and contribute to a better environment.

Additionally, you reduce your travel expenses and get to connect to people. Planning a trip is super easy. By using the Toogethr app you are one  touch away of inviting your colleagues for a joint drive to work. Toogethr is an app that facilitates driving together in a fun and easy way. In addition, you earn points by driving together. The more points you earn, the more cool stuff you can do with these points. A lot of people who are working for big companies in Amsterdam are using this app successfully. From idea to business case involving people to be more aware of the mobility choice they have especially with their  co-workers.
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