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We are very pleased to have a broad variety of partners & sponsors supporting Automotive Week 2017.
Below you will find an overview of sponsors and partners including further information, websites and logos.


AW17 ANWBThe Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB offers a wide range of services related to roadside assistance and medical and repatriation assistance abroad, legal assistance, travel, information products, insurances, selling travel related products and many other products and services in the areas of recreation, tourism and mobility. Furthermore, the ANWB is active in lobbying in the fields of driving, mobility, travel and recreation. In the area of smart mobility.ANWB represents the interests of its members (users) in the development and deployment of connected services and devices. As such the ANWB acts as an intermediate between the users and manufacturers/developers and provides information and advice to support the use and public acceptance of smart mobility solutions.


AW17 AutomotiveNLAutomotiveNL is the cluster organization of the Dutch automotive industry, mobility sector, automotive education sector and has more than 160  members. The mission of AutomotiveNL is to initiate and carry out numerous activities to strengthen the Dutch automotive sector focused on innovation, education / training, internationalization, knowledge gathering and networking. The core focus areas are Smart Mobility, Green Mobility, Manufacturing and Materials. AutomotiveNL is located at the Automotive Campus in Helmond.
Visit our website:


Brabant stad - ITS bureau

AW17 ITS Bureau BrabantStadAt the ITS Agency we believe in innovative mobility. In BrabantStad, the cities of Breda, Tilburg, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven, Helmond, the Province of North Brabant and Rijkswaterstaat, are working together on smart solutions which will make our traffic smoother, safer and more sustainable. This also affects influences our economy and our (living) environment and in a positive way. Brabant has the potential to further develop as a knowledge and innovation region and to become a leader in the field of Smart Mobility.This is why we create a real-life test environment in Brabant for Smart Mobility experiments.
International and national parties are welcome here to develop and test their solutions in practice in daily traffic. And finally to scale up and deploy promising mobility solutions. We’re on the right road and carry out several promising projects that can be continued, scaled up and we like to share our experience and knowledge. Our motto: learning by doing! Our website:


AW17 Connected2Connected: strategic change processes. Subject: Smart Mobility, Smart City.
Getting actively stakeholders and citizens involved in Smart Mobility and Smart city, act differently, think differently.
By really understanding and fullfilling their need on basis of knowledge, atitude and behaviour (Marketing); learning by doing.
We add our value (strategy and communication) and understanding to create mass, so people actually buy services and products.
For whom?
Projects and strategy initiated by government (all layers), the market, knowledge- and research institutions.

boek Connected


Connecting Mobility

AW17 ConnectingMobilityThe Connecting Mobility Programme, in line with the public-private direction set in the Routekaart Beter Geïnformeerd op Weg (a roadmap for better information in transit),  stimulates the cooperation between government and market players and offers an overview of Dutch initiatives and partnerships in the ITS and smart mobility field. The programme connects developments and ensures that parties can connect. The programme creates the necessary conditions and preconditions, and is also in place to strengthen the build-up and sharing of knowledge.
One example is the development of a comprehensive test environment and -facilities in the Netherlands. Another example are the Dutch national roundtables Smart Mobility which were initiated by the programme. The roundtables focus on applying the lessons learned, and the use of building blocks developed in projects such as Practical Trial Amsterdam (PPA), Spookfiles and the Cooperative ITS corridor.  In this way they assist the desired upscaling of Smart Mobility applications and implementation. Click here for our website


AW17 Connekt ITSWe are Connekt. The independent network for smart, sustainable and social mobility.
A healthy blend of knowledge, creativity and dynamism within a network that brings influential parties together.
With more than 400 partners across the globe we develop and implement tangible solutions that make the world a better place – ecologically and economically.
Our website:



AW17 DITCM DITCM Innovations is an open innovation organization in which government, industry and knowledge institutes work together on the successful introduction of cooperative systems to sustainably support mobility and accessibility.
DITCM’s mission is to accelerate the development and implementation of new C-ITS concepts and applications. We do this by matching individual and joined ambitions and by building further on our achievements, instead of reinventing the wheel.
By executing public-private programs to facilitate and realise large scale deployment, we aim to improve mobility in the Netherlands and to increase the international position of the Dutch Industry as a serious partner in the deployment of Smart Mobility Solutions.

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

AW17 FontysFontys School of Automotive Engineering thrives in the heart of the automotive industry in the Netherlands. Strong ties with OEM’s like DAF and VDL next to ties with TU/e, TNO, Bentler and many other top-notch companies have positioned Fontys as a major knowledge contributor to the Dutch automotive industry whereby Fontys carries out applied research for industry. The education program is updated continuously to keep up with innovations.Multi-disciplinary projects form one of the pillars of an attractive curriculum for students. Students often work together in teams, also with other technical institutes within Fontys and particularly TU/e.
A number of raceteams consist of students of both institutes and work like magnets to attract new students. Industry is very influencial in determining the right curriculum and the Advisory Board consists of 17 representatives of innovative automotive engineering companies. It makes Fontys a strong partner in supplying industry with engineers who are ready for the jobs of the future.


Gemeente Helmond

AW17 Helmond FCToday, the world is becoming more mobile and populated. This results in traffic jams, parking problems, accidents and unnecessary delays.The solution can no longer be found in additional roads. What we need are solutions that are smart, smooth, safe and clean. The city of Helmond has gathered the knowledge and the ability to amaze the world in the field of smart mobility. We ensure that the automotive industry and the world of mobility meet and offer a physical location at the Automotive Campus where companies, research and educational institutes work together. The Automotive Campus in Helmond – located in the Brainport Region - is the national and international hotspot, meeting point and business place in the field of automotive (technology) and smart mobility. Helmond is a living lab where the continuous search for innovation takes place and where theory can be turned into practice.


AW17 InnovatiecentraleThe Innovation Center is an experiment area where companies, governments and research institutes test new mobility solutions in real life.
There are two desks, from where experiments on public roads are coordinated and monitored.
The Innovation Center closely cooperates with other Dutch test facilities, in order to boost development and deployment of Smart Mobility applications at national, regional and local level.


AW17 IntertrafficIntertraffic is the world’s largest and most influential trade event portfolio for traffic technology, covering infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, traffic safety and parking. Since its launch in 1972, Intertraffic Amsterdam has become the largest and most authoritative trade event for professionals. Following the success of the Amsterdam flagship event, regional events have been initiated in Turkey, China and Mexico.
Intertraffic events offer a comprehensive overview of the very latest products, services and total solutions offered by suppliers,

while also showcasing the newest industry-wide trends and developments.
More information is available on

Talking Traffic

AW17 talkingtrafficPartnership Talking Traffic – government and businessess invest 90 million in smart traffic solutions.

This Innovation Partnership with the traffic industry, telecommunications and internet companies, and automotive companies develops and supplies innovative traffic applications in the next five years. Talking Traffic applications provide continuous en-route guidance and assistance to road users, and in the near future also to vehicles. This increases their ability to anticipate traffic situations, which in turn improves traffic flows and safety. Key element in the partnership is the development of a new generation of traffic lights, that can communicate continuously with approaching vehicles and cyclists, optimizing traffic flows across intersections and the entire urban network.
By using modern telecommunications and cloud technologies in combination with information crowdsourcing, new services will be able to offer driving task support as well as navigation in the entire country and in cities.
The world around us is changing rapidly. Government and market parties join forces as Partners in Innovation and seize opportunities in the field of mobility in the widest sense. The Innovation Partnership also aims to accelerate developments and applications regarding amongst others selfdriving cars and Mobility as a Service.

More information to be found on

partnership talking traffic sheet EN 0217 (2)


AW17 TNO nieuwAbout TNO
TNO has over 2900 professionals who put their knowledge and experience to work in creating smart solutions to complex issues. These innovations help to sustainably strengthen industrial competitiveness and social wellbeing. We are partnered by some 3000 companies and organisations, including SMEs, in the Netherlands and around the world.
For example on the topic of Urbanisation we work on innovations to strengthen urban regions. We partner to create solutions for today and improve the livability, accessibility and economic strength of urban regions.
For more information about TNO and the five societal themes that are the focus of our work, go to


AW17 tue nieuwEindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research-driven university of international standing, where excellent research and excellent education go hand in hand. Education at the TU/e is small in scale, personal and flexible.
Our lively campus is located in the heart of the high-tech Brainport region, one of the smartest regions in the world. TU/e specializes in engineering science & technology and is leading in high tech systems, data science, advanced materials and photonics.We are also known for our strong research partnerships with industry. Our growing student population, more than 10,000 strong, collaborates with our researchers on innovative technological solutions for the great challenges facing society in renewable energy, health and mobility. That is what makes TU/e the place “where innovation starts.”

Provincie Noord-Holland

AW17 Prov Nbrabant The Province of Noord-Holland is working on smart solutions to enhance traffic efficiency, safety and sustainability. In the future, traffic and infrastructure will become smarter every day. Our Traffic Control Center and traffic lights are already connected, responsive to the traffic situation and give real time open data.
Our vice Governor, Elisabeth Post, has clearly stated the ambition to become the best region in the world on traffic management. We created a test environment around Schiphol/Amsterdam Airport in a real life traffic situation where practical trials can be executed, together with private companies, automotive industry and universities. The next few years we will invite private partners to test their smart mobility solutions on infrastructure that is ready for the future.

our webpage: Verkeersveiligheid doorstroming en leefbaarheid







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