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AW17 ConnectingMobilityThe Connecting Mobility Programme, in line with the public-private direction set in the Routekaart Beter Geïnformeerd op Weg (a roadmap for better information in transit),  stimulates the cooperation between government and market players and offers an overview of Dutch initiatives and partnerships in the ITS and smart mobility field. The programme connects developments and ensures that parties can connect. The programme creates the necessary conditions and preconditions, and is also in place to strengthen the build-up and sharing of knowledge.
One example is the development of a comprehensive test environment and -facilities in the Netherlands. Another example are the Dutch national roundtables Smart Mobility which were initiated by the programme. The roundtables focus on applying the lessons learned, and the use of building blocks developed in projects such as Practical Trial Amsterdam (PPA), Spookfiles and the Cooperative ITS corridor.  In this way they assist the desired upscaling of Smart Mobility applications and implementation. Click here for our website


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