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AW17 FontysFontys School of Automotive Engineering thrives in the heart of the automotive industry in the Netherlands. Strong ties with OEM’s like DAF and VDL next to ties with TU/e, TNO, Bentler and many other top-notch companies have positioned Fontys as a major knowledge contributor to the Dutch automotive industry whereby Fontys carries out applied research for industry. The education program is updated continuously to keep up with innovations.Multi-disciplinary projects form one of the pillars of an attractive curriculum for students. Students often work together in teams, also with other technical institutes within Fontys and particularly TU/e.
A number of raceteams consist of students of both institutes and work like magnets to attract new students. Industry is very influencial in determining the right curriculum and the Advisory Board consists of 17 representatives of innovative automotive engineering companies. It makes Fontys a strong partner in supplying industry with engineers who are ready for the jobs of the future.



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