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Targeted approach

The upcoming 3rd edition of Automotive Week, we have applied a targeted approach with regards to the programme in order to avoid overlap in invitees. The event starts on Sunday 26 March with a Public Day, targeted at everyone interested in the latest technologies in the field of mobility among the general public. An informal family day where it’s all about experiencing new technologies, live demonstrations and learning more about our future mobility.

Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 March, Automotive Week 2017 focuses on high-level international guests, among which representatives of the European Commission, various European organizations and working groups, OEMs, policy makers from national governments, suppliers from the traffic and automotive industry, service providers, solution vendors and knowledge institutes.

Wednesday 29 March addresses innovations that are relevant for the (professional) users of smart mobility. Thursday 30 March is dedicated to road operators and suppliers of roadside equipment. Friday 31 March, the final day of the Automotive Week 2017, is a special Education Students Research day full of demonstrations and workshops.

Automotive Week overview

For Automotive Week 2017, a varied and attractive week programme has been drawn-up by the partners. The targeted set-up of Automotive Week allows guests to plan their attendance in a most efficient way. An overview of the week’s activities can be found here below
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Contribute to Automotive Week 2017 with a live demo

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During Automotive Week 2017 there is more going on than just conferences, summits, workshops and lectures. Visitors can experience smart mobility first-hand through various live demonstrations in and around the Automotive Campus premises.

Besides Campus residents and partners of Automotive Week 2017, all other parties interested can give demonstrations related to smart mobility. Just submit your ‘Call for demonstrations’ and take the opportunity to show your latest innovations and solutions in the field of smart mobility to a highly targeted audience. You can demonstrate this either in- or outside on the Automotive Campus premises or even in actual traffic on the motorway on Sunday 26 March.

On Sunday 26 March, the Public day, the N270/A270 in front of the Automotive Campus will be partially closed for live demonstrations on the motorway between Helmond and Eindhoven. Come and try car innovations for yourself.

Networking Opportunities

The Automotive Week programme will also provide several networking opportunities for participants to discuss interesting mobility topics or exploring ways of working together. Lunch and coffee breaks, network dinners and network drinks are organized during the week. The Automotive Campus is also happy to host European project meetings. Requests can be addressed to the event coordinators at





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