Tuesday 28 March 2017: Experts Day

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When Traffic and Automotive join forces - Creating new mobility opportunities together

At Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016 it was already apparent; the traffic and automotive industry are currently undergoing key technological transformations. More and more vehicles are connected to each other and to the Internet and advance towards higher automation levels.

In order to deal with the increasingly complex road situations, automated vehicles will have to rely not only on their own sensors but also on those of other vehicles. On top of this they will need to cooperate with each other. These so-called Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) allow road users and traffic managers to share information and coordinate their actions. C-ITS are based on technologies allowing vehicles to “talk” to each other and to the transport infrastructure.

Automated vehicles can become a real game changer as they bring new technology companies and new opportunities to the business. Fast moving developments in the automotive, telecom and Internet world will create opportunities to improve the traffic flow, accessibility, liveability and traffic safety. Road operators, transport operators, service providers and solution vendors are providing new products and services for the constantly 'connected' motorist and traveller. During the summit of Intertraffic we will discuss what the automated industry means for our current traffic and mobility management and how the world of automotive and mobility can cooperate more closely. 



Preliminary programme


Plenary programme

08.45 - 09.30 hrs. Arrival of summit guests
09.30 - 13.00 hrs. Summit When Traffic and Automotive join forces - Creating new mobility opportunities together powered by Intertraffic Worldwide Events
09.30 - 09.35 hrs. 
Welcome by chairman Carlo van de Weijer
09.35 - 10.00 hrs.
‘What it takes to make automated driving a reality’
  Maurice Geraets - Board Member NXP Netherlands
10.00 - 10.25 hrs.
The Dutch approach to connected and automated driving: taking concrete steps to accelerate deployment new
   Florien van der Windt from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
10.25 - 11.15 hrs.
Cooperating worlds of traffic and automotive
 - Harmonization between C-ITS projects like ITS Corridor,
   Partnership Talking Traffic and Intercor
     Speaker: Wim Broeders - Managing Director MAPtm and
   Chairman Round Table Architecture & Interoperability DITCM
- TM 2.0 and the role of automation in traffic management
     Speaker: Johanna Despoina Tzanidaki - Director Public Affairs TomTom Group
- Regional authority to test C-ITS and automated vehicles
     Speaker: Jeannet van Arum - Sector Manager Traffic Management
   at the Province of Noord-Holland
11.15 - 11.45 hrs. Coffee break
11.45 - 12.05 hrs.
Keynote from the BMW Group on trends & developments in connected and automated driving new
  Bas van der Zijden - Manager Digital Services BMW Group Nederland
12.05 - 12.55 hrs.
Panel discussion ‘Anticipating on the changing mobility’
  What is the impact on infrastructure. What will be the role of road operators, OEMs and transport operators? What will all these changes mean for the car driver? What will all these changes mean for the car driver?

Panellists: new

  • Jan-Bert Dijkstra - Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment
  • Marieke Martens - TNO + University of Twente
  • Theo Thuis - Q-Park
  • André Meijer - Dynniq
  • Bas van der Zijden - BMW Nederland
  • KPN - Roel Willemsen

Discussion on:

  • What is going to change?
  • Who does what?
  • What needs to be done to prepare us for automated driving?
  • What should this cooperation look like?
   The audience is also able to participate in the discussion.
12.55 - 13.00 hrs.
Wrap-up of summit + short interview with Exhibition Director Intertraffic Worldwide Events
  Chairman + Richard Butter
13.00 - 14.00 hrs. Network lunch
  • Various demonstrations in and outside the Automotive House
  • Information stands along the corridors
13.30 - 14.00 hrs.   Visit to the Traffic & Innovation Centre 

Visitors are being offered the unique possibility to visit the Traffic Centre of Rijkswaterstaat and the Innovation Centre.  You will be informed about the complex monitoring system Rijkswaterstaat uses to control the public highways for the entire south of the Netherlands. Attendance is on a first come first service basis and approximately 25 people can be admitted.
Please register here


Parallel workshops & sessions

 14.00 - 15.30 hrs.

Best practices & pioneering mobility concepts  

1) Workshop Partnership Talking Traffic new
  ….And now for something completely different: how 50 cities, provinces and the national government operate in a partnership with 25+ private companies to accelerate the commercial deployment of 6 cellular based C-ITS use cases within 18 months. Not a pilot or a Proof of Concept, but a multi-year co-investment programme in an open market that delivers on intelligent urban intersections,  2 new nationwide data repositories for easy access for all. The workshop will introduce and explain new interfaces in the private value chain, the detailing of use cases as well as new alternatives to remote controlling of Traffic Light Installations.  
  Moderator: Caspar de Jonge - Partnership Talking Traffic  
  Speakers: Rob van Hout - Sweco, Steven Logghe - Be-Mobile and Jorn de Vries  - Flitsmeister  
2) Workshop Next Steps in European Truck Platooning  new

Truck platooning is a great opportunity for Europe. The European truck industry, ICT and telecom sectors are ready for the next step in smart mobility. The European Truck Platooning Challenge, which was held in 2016, was the first successful experiment with cross-border platooning. Five member states and six European truck manufacturers participated in the challenge, owing its success to constructive teamwork between public and private sectors. The challenge provided a unique opportunity to learn about truck platooning in general and interaction with other road users in particular.

During this workshop we will bring you up to date with the latest developments on Truck Platooning since the challenge was held. We will address lessons learnt from challenges and real-life cases in the Netherlands and other European countries and next steps in truck automation and European cooperation. Stay tuned for the moderator and speakers.

  Moderator: Jeroen Ploeg - Principal Scientist at TNO Automotive  
  Speaker: Robert Janssen - Consultant Sustainable Transport and Logistics at TNO  
- Multi-brand platooning vision new
  Speaker: Maurice Kwakkernaat - Program Manager Automated Driving at TNO  
- European cooperation in truck automation new
  Speaker: Robert Janssen - Consultant Sustainable Transport and Logistics at TNO  
- Testing truck platooning in real life applications: an overview of pilot initiatives across the globe new
  Robert Janssen - Consultant Sustainable Transport and Logistics at TNO  
3) Workshop Personal Rapid Transit Systems
  See and learn about the first operational autonomous transit shuttles.  
  In the Netherlands two outstanding examples of autonomous vehicles, the ParkShuttle and the WEpod, have shown that self-driving vehicles are already a reality. In this workshop you get to know more about these applications and that the (r)evolution on autonomous driving has already started years ago. The speakers will engage with the audience how a shuttle service can function as a stepping stone.  
- Steps towards an autonomous system
    Speaker: Johan Janse - The Future Mobility Network  
- Lessons learned from the WEpod application
    Speaker: Jan Willem van der Wiel - The Future Mobility Network   
- 15 years of self-driving, the ParkShuttle experience
    Speaker: Dennis Mica - 2getthere  
4) Workshop New business opportunities
  Developments such as Mobility as a Service and Automated vehicles can be real game changers and bring various new tech companies and new opportunities to the business. In this workshop we will be sharing new mobility concepts and services.  
  Moderator: Bram Hendrix - Automotive NL  
- Amber Mobility: guaranteed mobility for only 33 euros per week 
    Speaker: Merien ten Houten from Amber Mobility  
- Lightyear: a Solar Team Eindhoven spin-off – an electric car for everyone  
  Speaker: Lex Hoefsloot from Lighyear  
- AUTOPILOT: IoT enabled Automated Driving for supporting Real-Time Car Sharing services in BRAINPORT
    Speaker: Sven Jansen from TNO  
- Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform. Connected cars to the Cloud 
  Speaker: Sander van den Hoven  
15.30 - 16.00 hrs. Coffee break  
16.00 - 17.00 hrs.

Best practices  

1) Regional and urban C-ITS
  Moderator: Nick Juffermans - Connekt  
- C-TheDifference: next steps in C-ITS in urban areas
    Speaker from the C-theDifference project:
  Nuno Rodrigues - Business Development Manager at Dynniq
- Results of C-ITS and Automated Driving projects in Noord-Holland
    Speaker: Harm Jan Mostert - project leader traffic management
  at the Province of Noord-Holland
2) European cooperation on Automated driving
  Moderator: Joëlle van den Broek - DITCM  
- I-GAME project and Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge:
  proven basis for cooperative automated driving in an international context
    Speaker: Elham Semsar Kazerooni from TNO  
- MAVEN project: sharing dynamic intelligence between vehicles and infrastructure  
  The EU-funded MAVEN project aims to develop solutions for managing level-4 automated vehicles (HAV) at (urban) signalized intersections. Iteratively, HAVs receive advice and/or commands from the road infrastructure to adjust their trajectory and manoeuvring policies, while the infrastructure dynamically adapts the traffic light timing. The MAVEN project will build a system prototype that will be used both for field tests and modelling. Results from the system analysis process including system decomposition, use case interactions (and the role of infrastructure) and the implications to system requirements (includes those derived through stakeholder consultation) will be presented.  
    Speaker from the MAVEN project: Jaap Vreeswijk - MAPtm     
3) Shockwave Traffic Jams A58 project: conclusions and recommendations new
  In this appealing session market parties and governments involved in theShockwave Traffic Jams A58 project will share the main conclusions and lessons learned with international Smart Mobility professionals. Project managers from companies and governments, road authorities and researchers can use this information as a basis to further develop ITS. We will take you along on our route and will discuss the following subjects:  
  • The cooperative I2V system in practice
  • A new way of innovation-based cooperation
  • Strong but healthy competition and standardization as a basis for a cooperative business case
  • In-car traffic management influencing driving behaviour
  • Smart agreements for a complex organization
  • Transition towards more involvement of market parties and less involvement of governments.
  Moderator: Bram Hendrix - Automotive NL  
  Speakers: Koen van Lierop - V-tron, Jan Bosma - Technolution, Peter Goossens - Vialis and 3 other suppliers from the Shockwave traffic jams A58 project  
4) Results of international cooperation in the ITS Corridor project new
  Together with the road authorities of Germany and Austria, Rijkswaterstaat is working on a joint initiative on development and joint deployment of several Cooperative Services on the Corridor Rotterdam-Frankfurt-Vienna. With this challenging project we contribute to use new technologies to solve mobility, environmental and safety issues. At the same time the Corridor project fits in the Dutch ambition to lead the way in Europe in the field of smart mobility.
The Dutch project team is developing three cooperative services: Road Works Warning, Probe Vehicle Data and Collision Risk Warning.
  Currently the Dutch project is in the phase of pre-deployment. During multiple tests on typical stretches of the Dutch part of the international Corridor the project team is acquiring useful information to finalize the specifications. On the other hand lessons learned are gathered which can be used for deployment phase.  
  During an interactive presentation, Abraham Bot and Edwin van der Walle will give you the latest insights of the project, the lessons learned, the international cooperation and the challenges for the next phases. And last but not least the joint cooperation with the InterCor project resulting in an international Joint Validation Event, a so called TestFest, coming July. After this presentation you will be up to speed about the Corridor Project.  
  Speakers: Abraham Bot and Edwin van der Walle from Rijkswaterstaat  
 17.15 - 17.35 hrs. Hyperloop One special new
  On Thursday 5th of January a Dutch Connekt delegation visited the test location of Hyperloop One in the US. Hyperloop One works on the deployment of a Hyperloop system on global scale and defines the development of Hyperloop as the first transport revolution after the airplane. Pods are fired through an almost vacuumed tube with a speed of more than 1.000 km/u. Long travel times belong to the past, while the trip is still enjoyable. Together with Hyperloop One, Connekt launched the Dutch Hyperloop challenge and in this session proudly presents the Dutch team as well as a representative from Hyperloop One.  
  Speaker: Srikumaar Ganesan - Hyperloop One   
  Speaker: Nico Zornig - Hyperloop Quest, winner Dutch Hyperloop Challenge  
 17.35 - 19.00 hrs. Network drink  


For whom

High-level international guests including representatives of the European Commission, various European organizations such as ACEA, CLEPA, EARPA, Euro NCAP, FIA, ERTICO, RAI Vereniging, OEMs and European working groups. In addition to policy makers from national governments, suppliers from the traffic and automotive industry, service providers, solution vendors and knowledge institutes.




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