Wednesday 29 March 2017: Users Day

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Knowledge, attitude and behaviour

Inspiration and looking at the need (knowledge, attitude and behaviour) of the (professional) user is the central theme for this day. What can we learn form each other and how can we transform the knowledge, behaviour and attitude from the (professional) users to get them into action? What can we learn from other innovative companies in order to take next steps in smart mobility? Getting inspired and learning from each other is the central them of this interactive day. Not only talking about smart mobility together but actually go home with essential information for you to implement within your own organization and to use the knowledge gained as (professional) user. Smart mobility; the future is now.


Preliminary programme


Plenary programme

09.05 - 09.30 hrs. Arrival of guests
09.30 - 09.35 hrs. Welcome by moderator Marco Maréchal
09.35 - 10.05 hrs.
Getting inspired by ADAS: from owner to user 
  Speaker: Ilse Harms - Connecting Mobility
10.05 - 10.35 hrs.
Vehicle control: Cooperative and/or autonomous driving 
  Speaker: Professor Henk Nijmeijer – Eindhoven University of Technology
10.35 - 11.05 hrs.
Building a community
  Speaker: Chris Hottentot – ANWB
11.05 - 11.35 hrs.
New results from the nationwide survey Mobility in the future (2030).
  Speaker: Marco Maréchal – Connected Strategic Change Processes
11.35 - 12.05 hrs.
Automated Driving as Responsible Innovation     
  Speakers: Bart van Arem - TU Delft, Marije de Vreeze - Connekt, Marieke Martens - University of Twente/TNO and Pieter van der Stoep - RDW
12.05 - 13.00 hrs. Lunch break
12.30 - 13.00 hrs. Visit to the Traffic & Innovation Centre new
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Parallel sessions


13.00 - 13.55 hrs.

Parallel Sessions – round 1  

1) Satellite data for Smart City purposes!
      Speaker: Jasper van Loon (NSO) and Leon Hendriks
- AeroVision in corporation with the Netherlands Space Office (NSO)
2) Demonstration and lecture on in-car time to green at traffic light controlled intersections
      Speaker: Robin van Haasteren - Vialis  
3) Using smart mobility Toogethr
      Speaker: Joost Bijlsma - Toogethr  
 13.55 - 14.10 hrs. Coffee/tea break and shift to next sessions  
 14.10 - 15.05 hrs.

Parallel Sessions – round 2

1) Smart Mobility in Agriculture
      Speaker: Tamme van der Wal - AeroVision  
2) A driving license for autonomous vehicles
      Speaker: Jorrit Kuipers - robotTUNER  
 3) Introduction to HERE and HERE WeGo and Map Creator tool and Communities new
      Speakers: Hanane Khalkhali & Alicja Pasiut - HERE  
  The presentation will start with a general presentation of HERE and the open Location platform. The first part of the presentation will be about HERE WeGO app and its usage of it. We will explain how the app works and about its features.  
  The second part of the presentation will be about the Map Creator tool and HERE’s Map Creator Communities. For more than 20 years, we have been working with local authorities as data providers and since a few years with local, regional and national volunteers to provide “real world” edits and feedback on our maps. Yearly we collect more than 20 million edits from our community members.To make this cooperation even more successful, HERE has started a global community program, working with local schools, universities and other authorities, in order to offer the freshest and most accurate map to our customers. Through use cases and community events, we will show the interest of our Map Creator tool and community.  
15.05 -15.15 hrs. Short break and shift to next sessions  
15.15 - 16.05 hrs.

Parallel Sessions – round 3

1) From sensor to service, using data to change professional driving behaviour
      Speaker: Laurens Lapré – CGI  
2) Results nationwide survey amongst the youngsters
    about their opinion on mobility and possession
      Speaker: Marco Maréchal – Connected Strategic Change Processes  
3) New technology, new challenges new
  Speaker Pieter van der Stoep – Account Manager Connected and Automated Vehicles at RDW  
  The RDW is the Netherlands Vehicle Authority. The RDW follows a vehicle throughout its whole lifecycle. And when the focus point of the organization (the vehicle) changes, the organization has to adapt rapidly. Automated systems are going to change the way vehicles are tested, admitted to public roads, used, and surveyed during use. The presentation brings the audience up to date with current developments in European regulation, expected advantages of automated system but also the challenges. How to deal, as a governmental organization, with privacy, data ownership and ethical questions? Together with the audience, we explore some ethical questions wit the ‘Moral Machine’ from MIT university! The RDW also presents his position on dynamic vehicle data.  
16.05 - 17.30 hrs.  Plenary debate including feedback & drinks  


The day programme has been established in cooperation with the following organizations:
RVO, Vialis, TU Delft, AeroVision, Connekt, robotTUNER, Toogether, CGI, NAG, NSO, ANWB, Connected Strategic Change Processes, Connecting Mobility and DITCM.


For whom

Project managers, programme managers and directors from all levels of government wanting to get started with policy & strategy deployment and ensuring that spatial planning developments are included in their policies. In addition, it is important to include professional users; as citizens and stakeholders. But also industry partners such as telecom, lease companies, aerospace and aviation industry, agricultural sector, energy companies. And in particular, innovation directors and programme managers, trade organizations, OEMs as well as knowledge and research institutes. Service providers, solutions vendors, motorists, professional drivers, fleet owners, lease companies.




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