During the Automotive Week 2015

deployment of smart mobility was the central theme in Helmond, The Netherlands

On Wednesday, 1st April, Automotive Week 2015 was concluded successfully. For a whole week the Automotive Campus in Helmond was ‘the place to be’ when it comes to intelligent mobility. The purpose of this week was to take the step in moving towards a nationwide scale-up of smart mobility and thereby ensure the acceleration of the implementation of new techniques that lead to faster, more efficient, cleaner and more comfortable traffic.

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1500 visitors

From 25th March to 1st April more than 1500 visitors found their way to the Automotive Week. Companies, expertise- and educational institutions, interest organisations and governments came together to exchange knowledge and to gain inspiration in the field of smart mobility.

Project leader Gert Blom is proud: "The automotive world literally met the mobility world! Automotive developments and developments in the mobility sector touch each other more and more, but are still too often separate worlds. During the Automotive Week, we brought those worlds together at several moments. An example of this is the innovative intersection where ITS technology from the automotive sector is used to increase bicycle safety. Another example of ‘cross-pollination’ is the spontaneous lunching together of 200 experts in the field of standardisation in the automotive world and nearly 100 governmental cycling-policy makers."


International attention

AW-PV-1160 webOn the opening day (Wednesday, 25th March) over 300 visitors were received at the Automotive Campus. The opening was officiated by Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and Environment), together with Federal Minister of Mobility for Belgium, Jacqueline Galant, the mayor of Helmond, Elly Blanksma-van den Heuvel and the European Commission’s Director General for Mobility and Transport, Magda Kopczynska. Alongside the opening of the Automotive Week, the new Traffic Control Centre in the South Netherlands and Innovation Centre were also opened by Minister Schultz van Haegen.


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In addition to national attention, there was also international attention throughout the week. "Europe is watching us. The presence of Jacqueline Galant and Magda Kopczynska says a lot about the interest in Dutch developments in the field of smart mobility. More and more often, there are collaborations between Flanders and the Netherlands. Road Authorities Day (Wednesday, 1st April), at which many Flemish experts were also present, is a concrete example of this", according to Gert Blom.



Live demonstrations

There was more going on than just conferences, workshops and lectures. Visitors experienced smart mobility first-hand through various demonstrations on the N270 test site. For example, there was the Ecotwin demonstration, with lorries that drive cooperatively, a short distance from each other, based on automated-driving technology. The i-Game demonstration showed how an automatically driven car can filter in between two other cars with the help of ‘wireless communication’. The cyclist in traffic was brought into focus during the live demo in which a car brakes at just the right moment when a cyclist crosses the road.

For these demos, the N270 was partially closed outside the rush hour for three days, and traffic was diverted. On behalf of the Automotive Week we thank all residents of, and visitors to, Helmond for their understanding regarding any additional travel time.

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Driven Award

The week was nicely brought to a close with the Driven Award. The students of the Solar Team Eindhoven left with the Driven Award, and also won the audience award. Solar Team Eindhoven managed to win over the jury with Stella: the world's first solar-powered family car. TSG InnoteQ took home the encouragement prize, including a cheque for 2,500 euros.


Automotive Week 2017

"Automotive Week 2015 was a great success for us and has left us wanting more. Of course, we have yet to evaluate it with all the partners, but we are already tentatively looking ahead to a 2017 edition”, Gert Blom concludes.


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25 March - 1 April 2015

Getting from A to B in a way that is safer, cleaner, more efficient and more comfortable. The development of new technology, leading concepts and the interaction between the road user, roadside and vehicle becomes a reality in the Netherlands. We have finished the experimental phase and the results will be implemented in the coming years. We presented our ideas and tangible solutions to national and international relations during the Automotive Week 2015, which took place from March 25th to April 1st 2015. One could discover, experience and contribute ideas to smart mobility!


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